Electric Vehicles Charging: Positive

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Do you run a business that is location dependent? If you are, then you’d sure love to get more clients coming your way.

You can do so through purchasing public car charging stations close to your store. We’re talking about electric cars here, which are becoming highly popular among US citizens today.

Electric cars are destined to be the future of automobiles. Operating on electricity and using high voltage chargers, special stations are required to supply power. This is exactly what chargepoint stations do.

Install a station, and get more potential clients lurking around your business! A chargepoint station can help you with that. Installing one will attract a lot of pedestrians and car owners to your store or business, especially if it’s public.

We’ll explain how below…
Electric Vehicles Charging: Positive

Electric Vehicles Charging: Positive Consequences.
Most electric cars take time to charge. If you’re looking at an average Stage-2 charger, you’ll find that a Nissan Leaf will get to full battery in 4-5 hours.

If an EV owner is parking and charging near your store (assuming an empty battery), they’ll be staying around for long.

The potential EV owner may decide to take a stroll through the location of your operations, where some products or services may interest them. They may watch, or even talk about what they see to others.

They can even purchase a lot of items. The temptation will be there, especially if they’re waiting hours for a full recharge.

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