Eli Manning: Drew Brees “throwing it as good as ever”

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The New York Giants got their first win of the season on Sunday afternoon Authentic Nate Solder Jersey , defeating the Houston Texans 27-22. Following practice on Wednesday, Big Blue quarterback Eli Manning spoke with the media about the win and about the team moving forward. Below are some takeaways from his conversation with the media. On what he liked the most about the offense in Sunday’s game...“I liked a bunch of things, I thought we got off to a fast start, which is great, going down and getting the touchdown and responded and kept – first half was impressive,” Manning said. “Third quarter didn’t do as well, but when we needed a drive at the end, also responded and got a touchdown at the very end to seal the victory. Those are two good things to build off and knowing we have that ability to when you need a drive and you got to get something going, we can go make it.”On how the team can build off last week’s win...“I think last week we had great urgency and understanding what we had to fix it and get better,” Manning said. “I think you have to have that same mentality. We got to fix things from last week that there were mistakes and I think that’s the mindset is to get better and improve each and every week.”On whether Drew Brees is an inspiration for what he is doing at 39...“Yeah it’s been impressive,” Manning said. “What he’s been able to do, the way he’s playing this year, the last couple of years. He hasn’t dropped off Youth Eli Manning Jersey , still moving around, making plays and throwing it as good as ever.”On what allows quarterbacks to play so long in the league...“It’s not extremely taxing on your body,” Manning said. “Besides your arm, practices aren’t brutal. Games you can take a few hits, but you don’t necessarily have to be fast or be explosive and those types of things which can kind of – you could lose at an older age, but guys are taking care of their bodies better, they’re taking care of their arm, more arm care and if you could still keep a strong arm and still keep your joints healthy where you can move around a little bit, you can continue to play.”Giants’ Odell Beckham leads with his words, now needs to do it with his play It would have been easy on Friday afternoon to jump straight into an “Odell Beckham Jr. should just shut up and play better” rant or otherwise rip him for using an ESPN interview to vent his frustrations at his teammates over the New York Giants 1-3 start.I’ll admit. The first thing that came to mind was “here goes Beckham, making it about him again.”This, though, is one of the reasons why Color Rush Kareem Martin Jersey , after 11 years here at Big Blue View and 40 years of writing for a living, I try not to do “hot takes.” They can be great reads. They can get reactions, good or bad. They can also be wrong.Was Beckham venting frustration at the team’s 1-3 record and poor offensive start, was he throwing his quarterback and his other teammates under the bus when he questioned their energy and said the Giants”need to play with some heart?” Was he saying “look at me, I’m doing everything and these guys are dragging me down?” Was this Beckham speaking out of turn and causing an unnecessary headache for Pat Shurmur.Or, was Beckham — more mature in his fifth season from everything we have seen to this point and with the richest contract ever given to a wide receiver in his pocket — trying to step up, trying to get his teammates’ attention, trying to hold them accountable?Was this Beckham’s Antrel Rolle moment? You remember back in 2011 when Rolle called out his teammates, in particular defensive captain Justin Tuck, and the Giants went on a Super Bowl run. That’s the view expressed by Art Stapleton of northjersey.com. Was this Beckham, as Pat Traina wrote for Forbes, trying to be a leader?Beckham’s teammates didn’t have a problem with what he said. Shurmur didn’t seem to have a problem with it, basically telling reporters to go find Beckham and clarify what he meant.Having thought about it for a day Authentic Riley Dixon Jersey , I don’t have a problem with it, either.Beckham is the Giants’ heartbeat. He is their energy source. Beckham is for the Giants what Reggie Jackson once called himself for the Yankees, “the straw that stirs the drink.”In retrospect, I think Beckham tried to deliver his message about losing not being acceptable on Thursday during his weekly locker room scrum with the media. During that chat he used the word “energy” 12 times. That barely registered on anyone’s radar. Perhaps, and we don’t know for sure because Beckham wasn’t in the locker room during Friday’s media session to clarify anything, he felt that when he spoke to ESPN’s Josina Anderson that he would have to go a step further to get the impact he was hoping for. Thus, the word “heart.” Or, maybe he didn’t mean to go there at all. Beckham is right that the Giants need to be better on offense. He’s right that they need to challenge defenses down the field more often. He’s right that you need to put in the work all week and not just on Sunday. He’s right that their season isn’t doomed because of their 1-3 start, although the heartbeat — sorry — is faint.Maybe Beckham’s words will spur his teammates. Also, though, Beckham needs to play better. Yes, Eli Manning has missed Beckham on a few throws — throws that he needs to make. The fact that Beckham hasn’t gotten into the end zone and is averaging a career-low 10.7 yards per catch is not, though Youth Evan Engram Jersey , all Manning’s fault. Or, the offensive line’s fault. Or, Shurmur’s fault. Beckham has admitted to being hesitant at times to reach for the extra gear that made him special. He said Thursday that “I don’t feel like I can be covered,” but at times he has been covered — even 1-on-1. There are examples of both missed throws and times Beckham isn’t open in the video below.If Beckham is trying to lead, which I think he is, that’s good. He should. As I said, he’s the team’s heartbeat. He is the face of the franchise. The Giants, though, will look like they have a lot more energy and heart when they are playing better. When they stop making mistakes and going backwards more than 17 percent of the time as an offense.They need Beckham doing the things on the field that made him special to make that happen.

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