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Good. Me too. Last night’s game was a playoff matchup* and Cheap Maxx Williams Jersey , per usual, the Ravens went into somebody else’s house and gave them a Baltimore Beatdown.*technically it wasn’t, but c’mon. That was playoff football.OFFENSEThis dude is playing like a first-round rookie. He’s out here burying game-winning touchdowns and hitting everybody with the salt bae celebration. Mark is the slot-tight end Baltimore loved to utilize with Dennis Pitta and his role in the offense is only going to expand in the coming years. You get the good with the bad and the bad with the good. The rookie quarterback has a lot left to learn, no doubt, but he can undoubtedly achieve anything he puts his mind to.DEFENSEHe didn’t get his name called too often but Sizzle led the way on Sunday. His first-play pressure helped keep Rivers from delivering a better ball, which led to the interception by Brandon Carr. He also continued to keep attention away from the rest of the front seven which allowed Za’Darius Smith, Patrick Onwuasor, Brent Urban and others to get in the backfield and limit Philip Rivers and Melvin Gordon.“No player gave up more than 42 passing yards individually. . .” That is insane. Right now Cheap Marlon Humphrey Jersey , the NFL deck is stacked for offenses to score and gain ground through the air. The Ravens are having none of it, though, bullying receivers and breaking up passes all across the field.Reviewing Madden’s 2018 Ravens predictions Over the last few weeks, we’ve been posting videos that predicted the 2018 Ravens regular season game by game. They recently concluded with a home win over the Browns getting them to their franchise standard 10-6 mark after Joe Flacco rebounded nicely, Michael Crabtree found the end zone many times, and the defense regressed a bit.Some of it was pretty realistic while other numbers and scenarios seemed a bit loony. Ultimately, I wouldn’t be doing my job as a blogger who plays too much Xbox if I didn’t post some of the in-depth stats of the starting players from the 16 games played.Without further ado, let’s get into it:PassingJoe Flacco led the way with a nice bounce back season Cheap Justin Tucker Jersey , going wire-to-wire from the first week all the way to the season finale despite finally facing some shaky job security in his career. His numbers were as follows:Yards: 3,616Touchdowns: 31Interceptions: 15Completion: 59%This would almost indisputably be the best year of Flacco’s career. While the yardage is on the lower end of his typical total, 31 touchdowns is his highest ever by a decent margin, not to mention it outnumbers his interceptions by over 2 to 1.While the completion percentage is sub 60, Flacco has often been at his best when the yardage numbers are a bit down and he throws the ball deep more. Regardless, this is a very nice season and would certainly be enough to make the Ravens front office think twice before shipping him off in favor of Lamar Jackson.RushingAlex Collins demonstrates he isn’t a one-year one after breaking out in 2017, but it wasn’t anything staggering.Carries: 186Yards: 1,024Touchdowns: 6YPC: 5.7Overall Cheap Terrell Suggs Jersey , I’d say if you account for a bit of lacking realism and some tough stretches for the offense, this is a decent effort for Baltimore’s bell-cow. Here’s hoping he outperforms it a bit in real life, though.ReceivingOn this category, I compiled the stats for the three starting receivers (Michael Crabtree, John Brown, Willie Snead IV) and starting tight end Hayden Hurst.CrabtreeReceptions: 37Yards: 1,080Touchdowns: 14BrownReceptions: 23Yards: 611Touchdowns: 7SneadReceptions: 27Yards: 680Touchdowns: 4HurstReceptions: 31Yards: 635Touchdowns: 6If Crabtree posts numbers like this, he may never buy another drink in Baltimore again. The yardage numbers are about league average (if not a bit low) for a number one wide-out Nick Boyle Jersey , but putting the ball in the paint 14 times would be very impressive for the new go-to guy.Brown proved to be the nice deep threat the Ravens were hoping for when they signed, while Snead came up with some big plays from the slot as well. If Hurst has this type of production as a rookie, I’m sure Baltimore’s brass will be very excited about what the future holds for their first-round pick.DefensiveThis category was unfortunately a bit of a wash as the takeaway totals were low to an unrealistic degree, especially for a team that had so many the year prior.The most notable stat I kept track of was sacks, which had Judon leading the way with 10 and Suggs chipping in another seven. This is actually a pretty fair representation and something I feel could be pretty accurate for this season.So what do you guys think? At 10-6 with such a nice season from Flacco would you expect this team to ultimately end up in the playoffs?Let us know down below and give us some final thoughts on these projections in the comments.



The Browns host the 1-1 Jets on Thursday Night Football this week.
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