The rebuilding Brooklyn

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Jacob Evans drew the attention of the Golden State Warriors as much for his defense as his versatility.

”He’s a serious player Doug Williams Jersey ,” Warriors GM Bob Myers said Thursday night after making the 6-foot-6 Cincinnati wing player their first-round pick with the 28th overall selection. ”He’s defensive-minded. He has a knack for it and a nose for rebounds.”

Evans worked out twice for the Warriors, once on the day of the championship parade and again on Wednesday. He was one of many wing players taken in the first round.

”He’s that kind of a modern NBA player who is versatile and tough,” Myers said. ”He fits a lot of things we do. That’s an area we don’t have a lot of depth.”

Evans, who turned 21 three days ago, was a finalist for the Julius Erving Small Forward of the Year award a year after being a finalist for the Jerry West Shooting Guard of the Year.

Evans averaged 11.7 points, 2.5 assists and 4.3 rebounds in 105 career games with Cincinnati.

Evans, named first team all-AAC Deion Sanders Jersey , finished his career with the Bearcats with a 37.7 3-point shooting percentage, fifth in school history.

His mother, Theresa Chatman-Evans, was a point guard at Grambling.

”When our pick came up it was clear it would be him,” Myers said. ”There were a lot of wings taken and we had him rated higher than where he went.”

The two-time defending NBA champion Warriors’ brass considered a number of similar players that may have been available. They wanted to draft someone who could step in and play 10 minutes a game while giving the team depth on the perimeter.

”I think we got that guy, I don’t know,” Myers said. ”He’s all business and he seems willing to work. He knows how to play basketball.”

With a host of All-Stars already on the roster Bruce Smith Jersey , Golden State had the luxury of looking for a specific position. Evans fit the bill.

Draymond Green spent a lot of time with the draft preparation and sat in on Evans’ workouts. He stayed for the draft and spoke with Evans after he was drafted.

The Warriors didn’t have a second-round pick Thursday after trading it to the Denver Nuggets five years ago for Andre Iguodala.

Myers said he tried to work out a deal for another pick in the second round.

”We tried. We were pretty aggressive,” Myers said. ”A couple of different times we thought things would work out but then the player would get drafted. We were being selective.”

With little room on the roster, Myers said he was happy with the way things worked out.

”Depending on (Patrick) McCaw and (Kevon) Looney, we don’t have a lot of room on the roster,” he said. ”It’s not like we have six roster spots open.”

The new helmet rules reared their ugly heads twice within a few plays on Friday night at MetLife Stadium. And the penalties reveal how prevalent the fouls will be, if the rules are enforced as written.

On a kickoff return following a Jets touchdown, New York cornerback Buster Skrine braced to tackle Falcons running back Ito Smith Bobby Massie Jersey , who was returning the kick. Smith likewise braced for impact, with both players dropping their helmets, instinctively.

Skrine, who was injured due to the impact, received a 15-yard penalty for lowering the head to initiate contact. The officials easily could have flagged Smith for the same infraction.

Smith got a flag of his own, a few plays later. While attempting to make a block in the open field, Smith dropped his helmet and made what appeared to be incidental contact with his helmet to the midsection of a Jets defender. The officials flagged Smith for lowering his head to initiate contact.

Although the fouls can be brushed off as an example of the overofficious tendencies that referee Brad Allen predicted for the preseason Dick Butkus Jersey , the outcome reflected a fair application of the rule as written. The players in question lowered the helmets to initiate contact and they made contact.

In neither case was the blow forcible or punishing or otherwise indicative of an intent to use the helmet as a weapon. But that doesn’t matter, because the rules contain no such requirements.

Which means that, if the officials apply the helmet rules as written, 15-yard chunks of field position routinely will be assessed throughout the season, with a very high potential that the outcome of a game will be affected by rules that make it difficult if not impossible to execute blocking and tackling maneuvers against a target that is moving.

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