These are trades that are either heavily rumored

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Every year in the NFL , there are a plethora of “almost trades.” or actually almost went through but were shut down at the last moment for whatever reason. The NFL has more “almost trades” than perhaps any league and it certainly has more trades involving players for draft picks. Big star for star trades rarely happen in the NFL, but luckily there are plenty of those in the “almost trade” category.You’d be surprised how willing some teams are to dump their top talent, especially young talent, to get draft picks or some washed up player that may not have been all that great anyway. For example, did you know the Dolphins thought about trading Marino in the prime of his career or that the Broncos thought about doing the same thing to Elway? Would you believe the Raiders were desperate to land a star quarterback in the early 90s? Probably. Would you believe that nobody really wanted Steve Young?A lot of these trades sound crazy, like your buddy saying how great it would be if the Texans traded J.J. Watt to the Patriots for Tom Brady. It’s not hard to see why some of these trades didn’t go down. At the same time, a few of these do make sense Khari Willis Jersey , at least they would have at the time.Either way, it’s fun to wonder what would have happened if these trades went down. It’s enough to make anyone with a decent knowledge of Photoshop drool at the possibilities. Here’s our list of the Top 15 Incredible NFL Trades That Almost Happened. Things change so quickly in the NFL. Just two years ago, Peyton Manning was setting new NFL season records, throwing for 55 touchdowns and 5,477 yards. He won his fifth MVP award. Since then, his decline came rapidly and this year had his worst season, throwing 17 interceptions to just nine touchdowns Josh Allen Jersey , while missing seven games with plantar fasciitis.Calvin Johnson was the most dominant receiver in football just a short while ago, but the last couple of years, nagging injuries have caused his numbers to dip and the culture of losing in Detroit has seemingly ended his career.The point is, sometimes in the NFL, you just can't expect a player's contributions to last a long time. More players seem to be retiring at a younger age, either to walk away from the game while they're still healthy or a decline in production.Marshawn Lynch was perhaps the best running back in football from 2012-2014, but injuries this season have suddenly put his career in question. Many feel he's done in Seattle and may even choose to retire.The decline can happen very quickly. Great seasons can easily be an aberration in the NFL. Whether it be a player aging or having to adjust to a new system Parris Campbell Jersey , players can have difficulty replicating the same kind of success they enjoyed just the year before. Things always go wrong in the NFL just when you think a player is on to better things.Who knows, maybe Tom Brady will experience a quick decline soon. Maybe New England's lack of depth on the offensive line and the lack of a deep threat will cause Brady's numbers to slip. I wouldn't bet on that, but no player is immune to a steady, or even rapid drop in production. The 2016 season is a long time away, but from some patterns we've seen around the NFL, we can guess that these players may not be able to build on their 2015 success or even their entire career's success.

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The only certainty about the NFL Draft is "uncertainty."
Veteran cornerback Antonio Cromartie announced

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